Tuesday, December 16, 2008


if theres one thing people know about me is that i'm always "down to throw down" when the situation calls for it. if you're rolling with me and shit jumps off, i'm jumpin in. if you start the shit, i'll STILL fight but after the fight is over, i'm whoopin YOUR ass for getting me involved. this weekend, my cousin made it a point to bring up one of the instances where i forgot rule number uno: NEVER bring a knife to a gun fight.

it was September 2003 and the dudes from Hampton were throwing their annual party at the Norva. my nigga Kenwood was like "yo, we need to be there. i went last year and there was literally bus loads of hoes pulling up to that joint and it was crazy". so me, my cousin, and a bunch of us bought tickets to the joint, hit up McArthur mall and Miltary Circle mall to get fits, got hair cuts and started to pregame for the party. we were in the barracks and went to my nigga Kenwoods room and this nigga was startin to get ready, so we camped out in his room and this nigga had The Warriors on VHS playing. he was like "yo, everytime i get ready to go to a party or club, i ALWAYS watch this joint. it gets me in the mindset that if i need to 'rack' a nigga, he's gettin his shit caved in". i'm like "ooooookay" so we started watchin that shit and finally it was time to go. THIS nigga Kenwood came out with a shirt with his picture spray painted on the ENTIRE front of the joint. i was like WTF?! i mean, the shit was tight, don't get me wrong, but i was like "damn nigga, do you NEED your face all on your shit?". my cousin Roy, Guy, Kenwood and myself hop into my Explorer and my boy Stan and some other people all ride out in seperate whips and we are ready to get this shit goin.

i had just got back from overseas, so i had my new system blastin some Swishahouse hard as hell (me and my cousin were the only dudes on base from Houston at that time so we had to represent), i'm feelin like i got that glow and i was getting into what i would later refer to as "Beast Mode" meaning...some female was gonna get fucked that night. period. so we pull up to the parking garage, hop out the car and head towards the Norva and we see that there are two BIG ass lines and one was designated for females. i'm like thats aight but i'm seeing more dudes than females.......THATS when the buses started arriving. my nigga wasn't lying, there were buses from Norfolk State, ODU and Hampton, full of nothing BUT females pulling up. this was the shit Day Day on "Friday After Next" was talkin about. now i was REALLY crunk, and "Beast Mode" was damn near becoming "Savage Mode". lol. while we are in line, we notice that there are ALOT of niggaz who we KNOW don't go to college, let alone never graduated from school in the first damn place, so i know its only a matter of time that SOMEBODY is gonna get laid out before the end of the night. while waiting in line, a group of white people happened to walk past the lines and one local character busts out "Welcome to NIGGERVILLE" to the white group. that basically confirmed that shit was gonna pop off.

they start lettin niggaz in the Norva and its like niggaz bumrushing Walmart on Black Friday. PURE chaos. we get in and its everything i imagined. two whole floors of space and MORE females than dudes. the music is bumpin, the DJ is killin the joint and we are crunk as hell. "Damn" by Youngbloodz was the biggest single at the time so when that shit came on, all hell broke loose. in a good way. niggaz were "Eastside stompin" and just crunk as hell. females were drunk, throwin up on the stares by the bar (if you've been to the Norva, you know where i'm talkin bout) and NO fights were jumpin off. while i was talkin to this female, i see a skinny nigga with a glistenin ass yellow jesus piece and a yellow ass trucker hat walkin through the joint. i was like "yo, aint that that Babyface cousin lookin ass nigga from those videos n shit?" and they were like, yeah thats that Pharrell nigga (it was 2003, the nigga was known, but he wasnt THAT nigga yet so people didn't really give a fuck. he didn't even have security). so the night was ending and the lights started coming on......AND THATS WHEN SHIT STARTED JUMPIN OFF!! i'm talkin weaves gettin yanked, SOME nigga got dropped from the fuckin BALCONY near the stage area, another nigga caught a sweet one to chin and got laid out and i was on the sidelines instigating like a muthafucka.

we all get outside and i see my dude Kenwood gettin into an argument with some female, so we left that nigga to handle himself and started heading to the garage. we get to where all are cars are and we decided to post up for a while and wait for everybody. as we were in the car waiting for people, we see a fight between some college dudes and some "locals", so we sit there watching "niggerdom" at its finest.now, for those who haven't yet figured it out yet, college niggaz ALWAYS think they are the shit and are the hardest niggaz where THEY are from...until they fuck with some locals and thats when you start seeing who the REAL tough dudes are. so the college dude is gettin lumped up and thats when we see niggaz gettin near my boy Duncans ride. my dude Guy was like "yo, them niggaz is tryin to get at Duncan" and as i said earlier, if you're with me, i'mma throw down with ya. so i'm like fuck this and pull out my SWITCHBLADE on some "The Outsiders" type shit. lol. thats when some nigga decides to pull his gun out and bucks one at the ground. i'm not lyin when i tell you niggaz literally FLEW into my truck, ducked down in the seats and locked the doors with the quickness. and what was so funny was the fact that it was the local nigga who was whoopin the college dudes ass that pulled the gun out. so those niggaz tried to burn out and the laws came. they started grabbin niggaz and layin em on the ground while the dude that bust off the shots was almost out the garage. all of a sudden, niggaz ran over and started pointing at the nigga, sayin "it was HIM!" to the cops. i shit you not, the scene looked EXACTLY like this:

so while the cops go and grab THAT nigga, one of the college dudes people were like "man, yall some hoe ass niggaz! why yall gotta snitch on my nigga!! this is some BULLSHIT!!" and then the best part of the night happened......THIS nigga did some dramatic ass, "Shoryuken" Street Fighter 2 dragon punch on one of the garage lights and breaks it. i bust out laughin!! i'm like "nigga where was all that energy when ya boy was catchin 2pieces like a fat bitch at Church's?". so we get out and see the cops with niggaz laid out in cuffs and then all of a sudden niggaz start turning the attention to me. "Yall see that nigga Alex pull out the switchblade like he was in the Beat It video? nigga what the fuck was you gonna do with that shit?" but all i could say to them was "hey, at least i was down to do some shit. this nigga Guy was in the fuckin fetal position on the floor of my truck like a sucka". so we all head to IHOP, met up with some "Yamps" (Young Tramps....my own word, don't bite) and finished the night as planned, Mission Beast Mode: Accomplished.

so if you ever roll with me and shit jumps off, know that i got ya back....switch blade and all. lol. peace


Courtney said...

LOL...This made my night!!!

micAh! said...

great story..lol nigga you ain't make up yamps! ya likeness 40-water be saying that shit!