Thursday, January 22, 2009


aight, so my girl Monica hit me with one of those "meme" things about "25 things about you" and i sent it to some of my people on facebook. the Lil Big homie Tamara decided to respond with hers and i fell out. Tamara, after reading your joint, i'm mad we didn't talk until AFTER we got out of high school because you are a "unique" individual and that quiet, shy girl act you pulled throughout high school worked because you had me fooled. lol. here my top joints from her response that had me in tears.

2. In 1st grade, I once told a classmate that he would die before me because he was older than me. His mother (a teacher) overheard me and got really angry and told me that I might die first. I still think it's funny that she let a 1st-grader get her so angry when I thought I was just stating the facts.

3. In 4th grade, I was helping my teacher put chairs on top of the desks (along with a few other teacher's pets). Everyone was joking around saying, we're gonna murder these chairs and stuff like that. I chimed in with, yeah we're gonna RAPE these chairs! (At the time, I thought rape was a synonym for murder). A shocked silence fell over the classroom as the teacher said, we don't say those kinds of things here.

For the other 23, hit up her blog.

P.S. if yall knew this woman and seen how petite and quiet she is, you'd know why this shit is funny as hell.

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Gem said...

LOL! Why didn't you tell me you put this on here? I told you that you should have reached out to me in high school!

The quiet/shy thing was NOT an act! Lex, I wish I could take you back in time to those moments. I was really serious for that first one. I thought everybody knew that older people die first.

And the rape couldn't tell me I wasn't smart for knowing synonyms, lol! That rape thing ruined my life.