Friday, January 16, 2009


With the movie coming out tonight (i'm waiting on reviews first), i decided to post my Top 5 favorite Biggie tracks/videos of all time. people who know me know that i'm a Biggie fan and i say he was one of the greatest to do it. i was never a big Pac fan when he was alive nor after he was dead. but i was a Christopher Wallace "Stan" coming up.


come ON, fam, you can't listen to this without singin it. this is the perfect, after the club, drunken song. i can see a group of niggaz with bottles in their hands, drunk as hell, swaying side to side and singin this off key as hell and not givin a fuck.


i remember when i first heard this as a youngin, my mind was blown. i've always had a good ear for good shit even at a young age and when i heard this, i got the "ugly face". the beat, flawless. his flow, smooth as Skippy. the only thing that could have made this the greatest track in history was if you put Tical on it.


Biggie, Premo, how could you go wrong? when my boy Gabe had got this cd and let me borrow it, this was the only song i played for about 2 days straight. no bull. i had it memorized after about 20 minutes.


Real talk, i literally shed tears hearin this joint when it came out. i was 15 and Big was my dude. i really wasn't a Pac fan, but Big was my dude. and when i saw this video, it just sealed the deal for me. i haven't even seen the movie and these KIDS did a better job of playin Puff and Big in my mind.


This was just perfect. the song, the cameos, everything. i really can't say anything else about it. its just perfect and thats why its number one.

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