Saturday, January 3, 2009


a special shout out goes out to my girl Tamara aka "Tam Tam" for helping me on my veggie path. i've known her since my sophmore year of high school and i think the whole time in high school, we spoke about 2-3 words total to each other, but as soon as i moved back to Texas last year, we've been choppin it up like crazy. she's been giving ya boy insight on how to curve my urges with meat products using meat substitutes since she is a Vegan (something that is WAY too extreme for me. she had nothing to eat but Whataburger Fries for Thanksgiving because non of the houses she went to had "vegan friendly" food. damn) and giving me alot of knowledge on good stuff to eat. shorty just hooked me up with an ill recipe using those chicken patties (told yall they are the truth), pasta, garlic and other shit. so again, Tam Tam, this shout out is for you and you need to get back on ya bloggin', i don't give a damn if you're tryin to get your masters. lol.

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