Wednesday, January 14, 2009


People who know me know that i'm love old school soul music and so forth. back in the day, REAL RnB used to blasting out of my crib growing up. now, RnB has turned into Rap n Bullshit because thats what you get on alot of these so called RnB songs today. back in the day, you could smash a chick to an RnB song. now, you can do that shit to a fuckin Plies song. if you play some old RnB around a female today, she's gonna think you old as hell. real talk. i was with this "yamp" about a month ago and i started playin this in the crib and she said "damn, you don't have any T-Pain, Neyo or Chris Brown?"..the mental record in my head made the BIGGEST scratch noise ever! i was like WHAT?! i can't get on "beast mode" to no damn Neyo. Chris Brown doesn't make me want to "put it down for H town". Neyo doesn't put me on "beast mode". she started dissin' these dudes. this was a damn combination of the greatest of their time. Barry White, James Ingram, Al B. Sure, El Debarge and Quincy Jones were the biggest team up of separate forces since Voltron. now, don't get it twisted. i DO like alot of new shit if its good, but i don't forget the good OLD stuff either. so, i still ended up "reppin for the home team" but that shit still bothered me because it made me feel old when i'm only 25, which is still considered young by todays standards. i mean, when i was in my EARLY 20's and late teens, it was different. back then i was a wild dude, so it was normal for me to "GTD" to these tracks:

but as i got older, your style matures. you can't be 30 and 40 and having T-Pain as as your soundtrack, ya know. but when a female tells me she listens to nothing but "RnB" but only has T-Pain, Neyo and so forth in her collection, it makes me think "what IS RnB nowadays"?

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