Friday, January 2, 2009


After years of trying to find this book, i was at Half Price Book Store the other day and finally found this joint. i had started reading it about 4 years ago, but the book was an old ass paperback and had fallen apart in my luggage when i was on my way to Miami so i wasn't able to finish it. this is recommened reading to the fullest. people have to understand that you can't blame everything on rap, tv and videogames. this guy was born in the 40's or 50's, when none of that stuff was even a factor. dude was a fool for NO damn reason as a youngster other than the fact that it was fun and he was bored. people always try to rationalize shit like "ooh, this child is deprived of a father figure". dude has a mother AND father that were constantly on his ass about messin up. or they'll be like "he needs medication". in the words of Chris Rock, what happened to just plain CRAZY?! dude was just bad. PERIOD. and for him to know at that young of an age that he was wild as hell is even scarier. and the fact that this book has been constantly put on the "Banned List" by schools and stuff pisses me off. you would rather kids read about some nigga at a school for witches that isn't true, thus leaving kids in a mystical fog of ignorance and denial, than to put a book that probably ALOT of them can relate too just because of language and subject matter even though its TRUE shit? come on people. the man made it out of the system, went to Howard University and then went to Stanford to learn law before stopping to become a full time lecturer. but somehow, Harry Potter is more important in black communities. nigga please. if you can find this book, pick it up, give it a read and if you can, give it to a young dude. we are quick to share music files, share some knowledge with somebody. you can go to court for downloading music, but you can't be sued for gaining knowledge and insight and it can't be erased from your harddrive either. free jewels from ya boy.

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