Saturday, January 3, 2009


Shout out to my Swedish niggaz for inventing these joints.

Honey Buns are like the cornerstone of a hood niggaz diet. affordable, good as hell and easy to find. Honey Buns have been holding down the hood like steel, fam. I remember goin up to Chicago during summer vacations and goin straight to the local hood spot, either Peoples Choice, Willis's, or Tiny Baby's and stockin up on the Hostess joints above because they were like 2 for a buck. and when you're a kid with $5, thats a come up already. and don't let a nigga toss one in the "Nuke Box" (microwave for the dumb people), its a wrap like Cyran, fam. i remember it got to the point one summer that i had a bag of them joints stashed in my nightstand because i never new when a "Bun Attack" would hit a nigga. them shits are good no matter what time of day. Late for school or work and don't have time to eat breakfast, grab an H Beezy. at school or work and only have some change but want to get something in ya gut to hold you down, thats right....honey bun. middle of the night and you don't know what you have a taste for, you already know, grab a honey bun. i bet some of yall readin this shit have eaten at LEAST one today. and some people like myself seem to get real touchy when it comes to who makes the best joints. personally, i only fuck with the frosted Hostess joints and if i'm desperate, i'll mess with the Mrs. Baird's joints. and i know for a fact, that if you bring me some off brand shit, best believe i'm makin that ass go RIGHT back to the store and gettin me the correct Honey Bun and if they don't have my brand, at LEAST bring a nigga back one of those long cinnamon roll joints (a safe and suitable substitute). i remember my dude Keith made a snack run one time back in VA and brought me back some shit that i had to look at him about. most honey buns have that clear frosting and have a "glossy" appearance to them shits. THIS nigga brought me back the "ASHIEST" honey bun i had ever seen, its like the frosting had dried up and shit. i looked at him and said "nigga, YOU eatin that shit. give me my dough back and give me my white cheddar popcorn, fam". but all in all, they are the go to snack when you're low on funds, which ALOT of yall probably are around this time. Honey Buns are like chicken, meaning, if you are somewhere and don't know what to get, you can always be safe when it comes to chicken or a honey bun. like, you may not know if that Bear Claw in the vending machine is gonna be tasty or not, but you know its guaranteed with the Honey Bun.

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