Saturday, January 3, 2009


after checkin the blogs of members of my team, i've noticed some are pointing out the fact that i've been "Calling out", "going IN" and "sonning" certain individuals. now, to the untrained eye or whatever, it WOULD seem that way. but for those who know me, i'm not malicious towards people within my inner circle. its all fun and games. like Dame Dash said once "i make the artists on my roster battle to keep them sharp" and thats what i'm about. i "call out" certain individuals to keep them on their toes the same way they do me. so for those who may not know and are ready to call the Feds and tell them that Lex is verbally assaulting niggaz, thats not the case. well, at least not with my crew. NOW, if you aren't my fam and decide to come out ya mouth and/or neck sideways then yeah, you WILL get it verbally. like this one pimp said in "American Pimp": "i'm known to call my females hoes, bitches, faggots and shit. and if i'm really angry and feeling rather pimpish then they will be a bunch of bitches, hoes and faggots with a bunch of adjectives and pronouns in front of that shit". so, if i'm not calling you a bunch of adjectives and pronouns followed by fool, trick, mark, bitch, hoe ass, sucka or chump, then you don't have shit to worry about. and if you DO decide to come out your neck with that dumbshit, just know that the verbal and PHYSICAL, if i know where you rest at or roll, onslaught is waiting.

now back to our regularly scheduled programming..

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