Saturday, January 3, 2009


for those who don't know, haven't read or just don't plain pay attention, i have become a vegetarian. no, its not because of animal rights (fuck the animals) and its not because a female has got me "whipped" and so forth. its just because a nigga wants to try some healthy shit for a change. but anyway, during my journey of "vegetarianism" i've had to go outside the box to find shit to eat. while i was chillin in Target stockin up on Veggie Vittles, i saw some Boca Chick'n patties. and like said in a post below, you can never go wrong with ANY type of chicken. so i copped them and i said "if they're wack, i'll give them to my lil bro, he'll eat anything". so this evening i decided to try one before i went to work. these joints are the fuckin TRUTH!!! i know what some of yall might be thinkin, "Lex, how can something FAKE be the TRUTH"? easy muthafucka. its because these joints are de-fuckin-licious thats how. i threw the patty between some wheat bread, added a lil Miracle Whip and some cheese and the joint was like any other breaded chicken sandwich i have ever eaten. it wasn't dry or anything. so yeah, try something new and give these joints a try. i haven't tried the ones in the picture i posted, just the regular pattys but i also just found out these niggaz make nuggets, so i'll be all over those joints too. so again, if you are thinking about goin the herbivore route and are scared of how the "fake" meat shit is gonna be, this is a safe bet.

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