Thursday, January 8, 2009


i'd like to thank my boy Micah for putting up more information about my friend Robbie. i had posted a thread about it the day of his shooting here, but seeing how my boy has THOUSANDS of more views and followers than myself, i appreciate him gettint he info out there a lil more. thanks pimp. but i DO have an issue with some of CNNs info, this did NOT happen in a Dallas community, it happened in Houston. second, the black guy talking was Quanell X, an instigatin ass nigga aka "civil rights activist" and leader of the New Black Panther Party, NOT their attorney. come on CNN, get the right info.

but on some real shit, it suprises me that this happened to a friend of mine but it doesn't suprise me that its Bellaire police. they are some of the WORST and most RACIST cops in Houston. my mother, who was driving an expensive car at the time, was stopped after dropping me off at school during my sophmore year for no damn reason. when she asked the cop why she was pulled over, he said it was because of a blown tail light. there was nothing wrong with her tail light. it was because she was black and in an expensive car. me and my boys Ron and Lindsley were outside the school by the baseball field waiting for Ron's mom to bring his English paper and a Bellaire cop asked us for indentification saying "he doesn't recognize us going to the school", so being the mouthy lil nigga i was at the time, i said "we don't recognize you either and i bet there are 800 other students you don't recognize at this school either". he tells us there have been a string of burglaries in the area (FALSE, if there were, it would have been on the damn news) and we fit the description. mind you, we were 15 and 16 at the time. and when Ron's mom pulled up and asked what was the problem, the hoe ass cop peeled off. THEN there was the time i was walking to the crib, about 4 blocks from school and a cop pulled me over and said "you don't LOOK like you live in this area". and what makes the issue with Robbie even worse is the cop is close friends with the City Manager and the Mayor had the "ovaries" to say that there is no history of racial profiling in Bellaire. "Non Nigga" please!!

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