Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was just on Tommy's blog a lil while ago and i saw he had a picture and a clip of Sade on there. the first thing that came to mind was "damn she was fine", followed by "damn she had a BIG ass forehead". but she was rockin the HELL outta that frontal lobe though, nawmean. and i noticed that lately, i've been having a little of a "dome fetish" if you will with females with slightly larger than normal foreheads and i started to think back about females that looked like they were of "Klingon" decent that i wanted to go "warp speed" on.


the ORIGINATOR. she had a song called "No Ordinary Love" and this was no ordinary forehead. look at how that joint comes out! i'm tellin you, if this was my wife and i came home from work, the first thing i'm smoochin is that "Lemon head" ass dome.

Tyra Banks

She needs to stop messin around have a show called Americas Next Top Mound the mound on her head is exquisite. and i see her tryin to hide it with them lace weave shits and them big ass bangs n shit. damnit, EMBRACE ya dome girl because i know i would embrace and palm that muthafucka like a Spalding basketball if we were doin "The Grown Up".

Christina Ricci

Sweet jesus, do you see this? i like to call her "Sony" because that joint is like a beautiful HD flat screen. its all shiny n shit. its almost like 1080p and the "p" stands for Protruding because the top of that joint DOES come out. and i love it. i mean, look at the face to forehead ratio?

Nastia Liukin

Gyaaaaaaaah.....DAMN!! nothing beats this joint though. She may have gotten a silver medal at the Olympics.....but i'll give her head the gold. i know her joint looks "Dolphin like" but who doesn't like Flipper? come on people. i would wake up in the morning and write little love notes backwards on her forehead like "baby, i love you, have a great day at practice and see you when i get home. love you" so she can see that shit in the mirror and know my love for her AND her head.

i might have to change "GTD" from Got The Draws to Got The Dome. i'm thinkin about makin a porno film with this 4 called "Fine Freaks, Foreheads and Flows".

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