Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As of lately in my life time, i have only let "vaginal americans" or women cut my hair and for good reason. have you ever noticed that dykes seem to have the most THROWED fades and edge ups? when i was out in VA, the only male to have the priviledge of cutting my hair was my dude Barfield who now owns his own shop called Kuttin Edges on Hampton Blvd near the Norfolk base. and he will probably be the only male to ever do so. after that, i've only let females touch my hair and my current barber is a female. when i was stationed at the Naval Hospital, i stayed on base and met this lil white chick with a bangin ass body named Kim who was from Philly. after about a 2 days of socializing, i pulled my patented "wanna go watch a movie in my room" technique and proceeded to "Slang dis Angus". after "Puttin it down for H Town", she looked at my fro and said "wow, you need an shape up" and i was like "what the hell you know about a shape up?" and she says "i used to cut hair back in Philly". thinkin she was bullshittin, i put her to the challenge and allowed her to show me what he had. MAN! she put it down on a nigga. she even bust out the STRAIGHT RAZOR for the lining. if you've never had a straight razor lining, you REALLY need to step it up. so a couple times after that, i proceeded to "get some trim" and get a trim until i got deployed and when i got back she was on her way out the navy for doin some dumb shit so that was the end of that. but i found her on facebook and she is back to cuttin full time and her skills are still dope as you can see below.

and after gettin out the navy, i started my rebellious stage and grew my hair out and started tryin to find somebody who was good at braiding. after finding all these women who braided in their houses and so forth, and i was about to give up and shave it all off until i was in Chesapeake Square Mall and found a card with some of the CRAZIEST designs i had ever seen. i called up the girl Teneshia or "Slim" as she is better known as and scheduled an appointment. i went into the salon and i saw alot of Commonwealth customers sittin under dryers, blowin "trees" or readin JET magazine and stuff and then it dawned on me..."theres nothing but DUDES up in here". Slim told me she didn't do females hair because they were "messy" and trouble, so she only braids up lesbians, guys and gay dudes. from jump, i knew she was the shit because she took me to the back and gave me the best wash and conditioning i had ever had in my life. she is the reason i'm addicted to Tea Tree oil conditioner. then she blew my hair out, greased my scalp and went to work on my scalp. when i first heard Mario's song "Braid My Hair", i was like "what kinda hoe ass, sensitive bullshit is this weak ass nigga singin about". man.....Slim was braiding a niggaz hair so good it put me to sleep. she was hittin spots in my scalp that made a niggaz TOES curl up. the attention to detail that she has when she does her job is the reason why i'm VERY picky about any female braiding my hair nowadays. once i moved to texas in 2007, i had to "lock" up my hair with dreads because females down here can't braid for shit after being with Slim for the time i was in VA. so if you are in the 7 cities or trying to get a dope stylist or whatever, hit her up on myspace.com/slimbraids . she is the ORIGINATOR of the "Slim Braid", when a small braid branches out from a larger braid an she was the first licensed braider in the state of VA. check out some of her shit below. she is the truth. i dare ANYBODY to find someone better.

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micAh! said...

I heard a gay nigga used to twist your hair up..lol