Thursday, January 8, 2009


(intead of dunkin donuts, she should've been dunkin DEEZ hair havin ass)

so the woman who WAS going to be my baby momma, Candace Parker, got knocked up by some "premature Albanian wolf monkey" ass nigga and now the league is trippin about it. NOW, why the hell are they trippin about her being pregnant? that IS what STRAIGHT women do right? or did they forget she wasn't "Dunkin' Dyke" like most of the league? didn't they know that it WOULD happen down the line or did they forget about the whole "pregnancy" thing when they started the WNBA? i'm happy she's pregnant by a guy because i was scared they were gonna "recruit" her like most female basketball teams do. but i'm mad that it isn't mine. i've always wanted to mess with a female taller than me. i'm 6'2 and she's 6'6. do you know how fun it would be to "knock down" a female that tall? thats nothing but legs.thats a straight up challenge right there. i bet sex would look something like this...

there is this one light skinned nurse that works here at the hospital and she used to play ball and she's about 6'6 or 6'7 and i'm just like "damn, you big tall, beautiful, and sexy giraffe bitch". lol. i don't know what it is. i mean, i LOVE women. short ones are cute as hell and normal ones are always a plus, but its something about tall women that almost put me on Beast Mode. i think its a level of "exoticness" (IF thats even a real word) about it. sure, you can find a black female mixed with korean or whatever, but how often can you find a female that can dunk on you or can box you out of the paint?


mrs. mary mack said...

so....I stopped by after clicking on your blog from another one...and at this point I.....AM...Officially....Done. I don't know if it's the baby hair comment or the wolf comment, or the disrepectful compliment but dammit I love this post! LOL

LEX$ said...

thanks, i really appreciate that.