Wednesday, January 14, 2009


(ya boy was WRECKIN that Earth, Wind and Fire "Reasons")

so yeah, ya boy went to karaoke saturday night with about 20 other people and i must say, it WAS off the damn chain. we had bottles at the table, it was like 8 dudes and 18 females and it was pretty damn amusing (besides the $500 tab we had to pay). but the highlight of the night was the actual song selection and the videos they showed. the spot we went to was a "members only" joint and if you weren't a member or not with a member, you weren't gettin in that joint. on each flat screen there was a korean movie that somehow went with the song you were singing. weird. but again back to the songs, these dudes had RAP songs on their joints!! i'm talkin Nas, Pac, Snoop, Nelly, and even Souljah Boy. and it got me kinda pissed because i remember a couple years back, i was talkin to Will and we were talkin about how dope it would be if we could start up a Hip Hop Karaoke night somewhere but we didn't know how to get that poppin so we just left it alone and low and behold, they are doin the shit in New York AND London right now. aint that a BITCH?! and look how crunk they are at the London joint:

(this "anglo assassin" is crunk as HELL!!)

if you are in Houston or VA, lets try to get this jumpin! i would go to that shit EVERY night it was available, straight up. again, ESPECIALLY if you are in Houston and know how to get this crackin, holla at me so we can do this and get it started.


DAY-O said...

I cant sing for shit. but if you throw Apollo Kids on the screen, curtains.

Gem said...

I could only do this if my alcohol content was at juuuuuuust the right level, lol

Lex, is that a unicorn on your crotch? Planet unicorn, heeey.

LEX$ said...

same here, i wasn't gonna "stunt" on the mike, but that "Goose" started kickin in and it was a wrap.

and naw, thats a wolf or a dog or something. but it got you lookin. lmao. just playin. you and Dre and your friends should go one time. its fun. and they DID have some Ms. Badu at the joint we went to, too.