Thursday, January 8, 2009


Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted and Black

after watching one of my favorite movies in life, Higher Learning (shit should be saved in the archives because i witnessed alot of the shit in this movie during MIDDLE school. lol), there was a scene where Malik was on the track and this track was playing and it always stuck with me and i finally remembered to get it for my iPod today. i'm adding this joint to my morning playlist for when i start my days off. the lyrics are the same throughout the song, but i think its done that way to stress the point that we ARE young, gifted and black. look at what alot of you all have accomplished: Candice, you've graduated college and have a talent in designing clothes. Tamara, you are going for your Masters which alot of people can't do, either due to money or self doubt. My crew (Tommy, Micah, Will, E, Jus and etc) look at the shit we've accomplished, people WISH they could be in the positions that we are in and do and see some of the shit we have. and some of you who read my blog, who i don't know on a personal level like i named above, have also probably done some shit in your life that others wish they could do. like Aretha said "we must begin to tell our young, theres a world waiting for you and yours is the quest thats just begun". we are all just getting started and we have a chance to rule this big blue and green planet, so lets be like Jeezy and lets get it.

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