Thursday, January 22, 2009


real talk, i shed a couple joints watchin this because i remember when my great grandfather passed about 4 years ago and it messed up my world. everytime i would call, i would be expectin him to say "Heeeeey, Cater Boy!!" and all i would get was my great grandmother or my aunt or somebody, but not Gramps. and that shit killed me on the inside. its like, you can't believe that person is gone because they've been around you for so long, ya know and you just KNOW they are gonna be there in the morning. i remember i took his pipe and a pair of his Dickie coveralls and just kept them because i needed to have that smell of pipe tobacco and Old Spice to calm a nigga down because whenever i got mad or upset about something, i would always smell that because Gramps was right there to chill me out. and the way he went destroyed me because he had cancer and didn't tell anybody because he wanted to make sure his bride was okay because she was goin through her own health issues and he kept sayin "hey, Cater Boy, when you gonna get me another Peacoat?" and i told him i'd get him one that Christmas. he died a week before and i had to bury him with it, my "dixie cup" and my medals and ribbons i got from war. people, make sure you let those in your life know you care about them, real talk. spend as much time with them as much as possible. i just hope when i leave this earth, somebody shows the same love to my memory and soul like Mr. Chicity did with his homeboy. peace.

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Gem said...

I can't even watch this because I don't want to cry. I didn't get a chance to grieve properly for my grandfather who died Feb. 08 and I'm still dealing with the effects. I always make sure those in my life know they are cared about/for.

You are my homie even though it's been mainly virtual. I have to tell you though, if you keep murking my soul with some of the pictures you post on here it's gonna be a misunderstanding.