Saturday, January 10, 2009


MAAAAAAAN!!! i slit my right eyelid open when i was 5 years old trying to imitate shit from this movie. lol. i had a broken arm, from trying to impress this yellow bone 2nd grader a month before on the monkey bars(will address that at a later date), and i was STILL tryin to do tricks on my lil BMX bike in the alley and fell on a broken glass bottle and slit my shit. but anyway, i STILL loved this movie, no matter how corny it was. the whole time i was standing on my bike seat, "Send an Angel" was playin in my head until the crash, blood and screaming followed. lol. there was this spot called Movie Scene that was around the corner from my apartment when i was in VA and they had it on VHS and meant to go and buy it from them, but i got caught up at my jobs and when i went back the NEXT week the place was a ghost town. i figured with all the hype around the X Games and shit, they could have at LEAST done a damn anniversary edition or something.

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